First-Rate Lawn Pest Control Services in Wichita, KS

Wichita Pest Controls, LLC is one of the few pest control companies licensed to treat both your house and your yard for pests. It takes a different license to treat your house than it does to treat your yard, making Wichita Pest more of a one stop shop than most other companies in town.

Professional Lawn Pest Control Services

We use the most effective, longest lasting products on the market to greatly reduce or eliminate fleas, ticks, army worms, or mosquitos from your yard.

We would rather use the best products to prevent call backs for retreatments, and keep our customers happy. Better products may be more expensive, however they last longer and are more effective than using cheap products just to increase our bottom line. Not having call backs because the customer is unhappy is where we make money and gain new customers!

Here in Kansas, all or one of the pests can be a big nuisance to you and your family enjoying the outdoors during the warm weather months. We can eliminate or control one or all of these pests for you so that you can enjoy your yard with your family again!