Professional Electrostatic Sanitizing in Wichita, KS

Wichita Pest Controls LLC has added Professional Electrostatic Sanitizing services for every size business or home.  Don’t let the big companies and the threat of new and old viruses scare you into paying overly inflated prices for your sanitizing needs! Electrostatic Sanitizing is the latest and best way to help ensure that your workplace or home is as free of harmful viruses as possible. When employees or cleaning crews wipe things down by hand, many areas are typically missed. With Electrostatic equipment, the positively charged particles of fine mist wraps around surfaces and clings to any surface that it is sprayed on. It provides a much more thorough application of the product. The sanitizing solution that we use kills over 150 common viruses including ; common cold, flu, H1N1, human corona virus, corona virus and many more! The product has up to a 30 day residual effect to help protect people from becoming ill due to cross contamination from surfaces.  Give Wichita Pest a call today for a free estimate and custom plan for your sanitation needs today! 316-712-8000